Anything is possible with the right attitude, determination, persistence, and a smile.

  • Core values in learning, growth and development, transparent communication, accountability, collaboration, progressive change, and making connections.
  • Constantly seek opportunities to thrive and excel—both personally and professionally.
  • Success is about service. Nothing compares to the smiles and joy that exist after achieving a goal that positively affects others.
  • Use talents and skills to encourage others to succeed, learn, and grow—whether it be or an organized institution or an individual/group.
  • Make connections to bring people and ideas together.
  • Thrive on positive environments. If one is lacking, invite it.
  • Travel is not only a luxury, but necessary to spread love and build community with people in all cultures, regardless of language or geographical location.
  • Technology should be leveraged as a tool, not a barrier.
  • Music is a language of love that promotes unity over chaos.

Whether conducting research to write an article, strategically convey a message, developing marketing copy; promoting and marketing an event or cause; producing videos and podcasts; managing content; gaining followers on social media; maintaining and building relationships; reaching out to prospective clients or customers at all professional levels; traveling and learning about other cultures; or simply organizing files and making copies—I strive to always put my best foot forward.

Work Culture: a motivator to love what I do, where I am, & who I am with.
I am drawn to people who seek to excel.

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”
—Sir James M. Barrie

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